Michael Csontos
Surrealism, and Fantasy Art Over 140 Images of PERCEPTION.

Surreal Coconut
Visual and verbal "automatism" by surrealist author Eric Bragg.

A gallery of thought provoking paintings by surrealist artist Craig Blair.

Bernard Dumaine
Virtual gallery

Willem den Broeder

Daniel Hanequand
A surrealist by nature, his automatic and playful approach results in marvellous visions of inner-spirits.

Marion Lucka
Dream World-- Exuberant surrealism / primitivism.

Pinina Podesta
Surrealism from Italy!

Vivid Surrealism

beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective

large prints of PATROU

Sergei Aparin
Enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic painting, surrealism, fiction, dream, figuration, magical, mystical......sub-consciousness, paradoxical metamorphosis, metaphoric discourse...

Karl Franklin
Social Surrealism

João Colagem
Pure Collage from a Brazilian now living in Holland.

Cornelia Harmel
Surreal art from Germany

Cene gal Istvan
Surreal and Egyiptian oil paintings

A tour through the surreal world of painter Peter Gric. Objects: acrylic-oil paintings, partially mixed with computer graphics and collages. Themes: weird physics, antigravitation, monumental architecture, organical putrefaction and anomaly, geological erosion, cataclysms...

Kevin Wilson
I attempt to recreate the feelings, anxieties and emotions evoked through my dreams. The inside rather than the outside, dream logic before the rational, possibility in place of routine and the inner reality rather than the mask..

david drew longey
Emanations sprung from the hand of dave, artist, animator, psychodelic banjoist, longhaired geek artrocker, teacher, architect of fleeting moments and spilt milk revelations.

Israel Rubinstein
unique surrealistic and fantastic works by a master of art and talents

Colleen D. Gjefle
This is the online gallery showcasing the artwork of Colleen D. Gjefle. Her work is thought-provoking, luring the viewer to look inside themselves to explore possible meaning for her images

France Garrido
Mixed Media / Collage "I work on an intuitive level and let the piece speak to me during the process, whether I have intent or not."

The Alchemical Wedding
Surreal Fantastic Dark Paintings, Drawings & Digital Art.

Martin Jan Ogrodnik
Martin Jan Ogrodnik, painter and designer. Selective collection of surrealistic paintings - oil, watercolours, drawings, digital art and photography.

SurrealPaintings.Com A collection of paintings and prints